Work from Home: The Goodness of Doing Tasks on your Couch

Have you ever been asked this cliche question before — “How do you see yourself (n) years from now?”

A lot of young, purpose-driven individuals would answer being a millionaire, having a huge house, owning plenty of cars, and of course, working in an office. Yes, working in an office. Most of the youth have always envisioned themselves in the corporate world, wearing black suits and elegant corporate outfits, working on their offices.

This is very typical, especially for the students. They study hard for years to earn that degree and spend the next years of their lives grinding their butts off to fill their bank accounts. They are dreamy and persevered, but some did not know that there is also a beauty with the answer — “staying at home.”

At first glance, you may stop and think. What? You wanted to stay at home? For what? To slack off and do nothing? To procrastinate and do stuffs that will not help you succeed on your career? Maybe yes, but see the larger picture — you can earn bucks by just being a home buddy!

The perks of working remotely are numerous. You may think again, “What is she saying?” Well then, read this and I will prove my proposition:


It may be tempting to lay down and relax, but no. As each day passes, the number of work from home employees are growing. You can never work and perform better than any place than at your comfort zone. So, why not?


Transportation costs are eliminated when you don’t go to the office. You can save more from you earnings by staying at your desk. Desk at home. Also, incremental and accidental costs incurred when you stay outside are not going to be realize, thus adding inflows to your check than outflows.


Aside from the more quality time you can spend with your loved ones, you can take care of your kids while staying at home. You can do more tasks if you do your job in your place. It also permits you to accomplish tasks faster, giving you more time to do the things that you love.


Health is wealth. At the comfort of your home, you can avoid fast-food chains and street foods. You can also eat healthier meals. Aside from that, if you finish your work immediately, you can burn a few calories by exercising.


Considering all the expenditures cut out by the wonders of being a home based professional, your income will surely be higher than your normal. You can save a lot from working remotely, plus you can do other sideline gigs online that will permit you to earn more from your regular job.

Aside from all this things, you will need a computer as your primary equipment in performing and reporting your job progress to your boss. See the benefits brought by computers? The PC Hero will be glad to hear if you need website and business tasks needed online. We got your backs, folks.