The Wonders Brought to Us by Tablet PCs

It is the 21st age and the advancements in technology have been phenomenal. We have had new product offerings in the market regularly, new tech gadgets that will surely tempt you to stash some cash and purchase the newest innovation on the stores near you.

One of the best inventions ever made is the handy-dandy Tablet. No, it is not Steve’s notebook (from Blues Clues), folks. It is the tablet, a spectacular rectangle metal that can do a lot despite its thinness and light weight.

We could only extend our deepest gratitude to three bright men for introducing the first ever tablet PC to the public: Alan Kay, Steve Jobs and Bill Moggridge. Like all other inventions, it started from a creative idea conceptualized by Kay in 1960s. He named his concept Dynabook due to its shape and resemblance to a book. He wanted to create this wonderful idea, but he lacked the technical expertise to build such.

Luckily, the world had the innovative and great mind of Steve Jobs. He analyzed Kay’s concept in order to determine the parts and components needed to create a Dynabook. By the 1980s, our first ever tablet was introduced to the public, designed by Moggridge. It was in a black design, and of course, being a first launched product, was tagged at an expensive price.

Thankfully, this invention has been improvised and improved as the years go by. After almost four decades, here we are, utilizing the wonderful magic brought to us by tablet PCs. With more features and added functions, no questions as to its use and benefits. It is truly a game changer, thanks to the three wise men who did a good job venturing on this idea.

Tablets nowadays are varied and explored further by companies. Not only Apple offers this tech gadget, but also other reputable and local entities. Customers are left with a lot of choices, plus the different types according to what they value most in a gadget’s specs.

We can say that tablets help us do tasks anywhere, anytime. But is it just the catch? No, tablet PCs offer a lot more than its portability feature. Here are to name a few from its long list of benefits to mankind:


Aside from its lightweight and handy feature, tablets are also fast to start up. Unlike a usual PC which takes a few minutes to boot up, a tablet is opposite to such. With just a press on the side panel, your tablet lights up already!


As the digital age is here, most of the transactions in business and finance are available online. It is beneficial in a sense that, you just log in, settle your accounts, and poof! You need not to go to the bank to transfer funds or pay bills. With just a few clicks, you can do such at any place your in!


Through this invention, you can check on your friends and family anytime, you can read your fave book, watch Netflix, and search info conveniently!

Yes, through the advanced technology we can do anything!

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