Peril with the Weak, Power with the Might: Let’s Talk About Passwords

Passwords do change everything. A combination of birthdays and relevant dates can enable you to open and withdraw funds from an account over the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). A random series of numbers can open a vault or a safe. An incomprehensible sequence of letters and words can provide access to a private computer. A jumbled group of characters can also log in an account which contains personal stuffs.

See how relevant are passwords? The beauty of this encryption method is that you can impose such to any file, anytime and at any platform. It can help an individual keep his secrets intact with him through its filtered access. Also, passwords give us a sense of assurance that our works are safe under our custody, far from the hands of some ill-motivated people lurking around your back.

Knowing your password all the time is a simple yet huge responsibility to every privileged user. As I have mentioned from my previous blog, the number one mortal sin under password ethics is writing your password down. It is definitely a no-no! It is like luring your own foot over a sea of sharks. You are waiting to be eaten mercilessly by the hungry sharks.

Actually, if you have nothing to keep away from others’ prying eyes, then it is your choice to disclose your password. If you trust somebody, for example, your Mom or sibling, then you can tell them so. If an emergency arises, then they can access your account whenever you can. But what if through inevitable circumstances, your password has been relayed to another person? What if it eventually came to the knowing of an unauthorized person? Are you still okay with that?

Another case is this. If your password is so easy that some other person can guess it, then one of your foot is buried on the ground. Some examples of predictable passwords are birthdays, anniversaries, relevant dates, nicknames, simple words like the word “password,” and the likes, you should consider changing your current one. If one day you see that your account is hacked and used by some other person for malicious intentions, then don’t be surprised anymore.

Now you understand the relevance of strong passwords? If you are not yet convinced, then here are some other factors that may persuade you to go to your account settings and create a stronger password:


Shove all those potentially harmful persons. The chance of their success would be remote with a strong password.


You don’t want any persons getting weird out over your posts and messages, right? Avoid the hackers from getting into your personal social media accounts!


Don’t let them through your valuable accounts link in your bank or safe! Stronger passwords and secured files are necessities!

By any chance that your files or accounts have been compromised and accessed, you can always run into the best computer experts and advice in town! Always remember, we are always with you in every step of your way! Ready to help!