Mystery Lost Files: Why Back your Stuffs Up

Lately, I was working on a task in a Computer subject. I was pumped up to accomplish the task, since it’s something new and interesting. Throughout the course of the work, I was able to follow the steps and perform the instructions accordingly. Actually, I was one of the very few students who finished first. I even checked the file several times, reviewing if everything was perfect. We were asked to save the file on the desktop, by which the professor shall collect our work thru NetSupport (his PC is the super computer). All was well until I clicked on that dreaded, irrevocable button. 

And yes, this careless, little girl turned off the computer. Maybe I was under my subconscious self, eager to go home. After I click shut down, then did I realize that the computers in school restart clean. All files, except those on Drive D are lost. To cut the story short, I ended up with nothing to pass on that lab activity. 

Lesson of the day? The most skilled and fastest kids do not always win. It’s the cautious, slowly but surely pips who gets to take the bacon home.

Having read that short experience, we can infer how relevant backing up files are. It is not enough that you let your documents sit in the desktop of your office computer, nor pile them up in your laptop’s documents folder.

Just a friendly tip — I know you might think that backing up your files will waste your time and memory. Maybe cost you a little, too. But despite your computer’s magnificent capacity to store billions of files, you cannot tell what might happen. Errors do come true, and they can wreck havoc anytime, anywhere.

Not only errors. There are a number of reasons why you should be wary about your file storage. The terror is increased by the unwanted access in your equipment. If you share your computer with others, anticipate the probable danger that they might interfere with what’s yours. They may change or revise your documents, and worse is sabotage them by deleting them permanently. You can’t be too lax to say that it’s remotely far to happen. You can’t tell. When the damage is done, the repair can’t fix things back to the way they used to be.

If you are having a hard time backing your stuffs up, we are always ready to support you. You better get the best computer repair and expert out there to help you. Ask his assistance in storing your files in a safe external drive or storage. Feel free to ask questions about the risks and dangers of corrupted files, potential virus spread, or unintentional commands which you may commit, resulting to losing your relevant files.

What is important is preventing the threat against anything. You must be ready in the event of such catastrophic occurrence. So, if you are wanting to keep those precious files intact, come to The PC Hero, the best computer repair and expert here in Chicago!