Caution: Always Protect Yourself Online

The internet has brought to us great changes. Thanks to the wonders it bring, because without which, most tasks and things cannot be done unless you undergo manual processes. To name such are funds transfer, registration processes, video chatting with friends and even playing games with others over the net!

But everything is a part of a yin and yang symbol. This means that all good things have bad sides, too. It is not all sugar and spice, there are also disadvantages as to the use of the internet.

Aside from the viruses and malware you can find on online sites, there are also hackers that are ready to pounce on any vulnerable information it can interfere with. Scams also are always there, taking any innocent people it can invite to invest time and money; then eventually run and disappear, nowhere to be found.

As a user of the internet, it is our sole responsibility to take care of our information well. The social media sites and business apps are doing a great job maximizing their security for the users, but that is not enough. It must be a give and take process. Do your part because they cannot protect you at all times. At the end of the day, it is all in your hands.

Now, how can you protect yourself online? Here are some tips that you can do in order to browse the net safely:


We have always reminded you in our blogs how relevant strong passwords are. They are the barriers which separate a stranger from an authorized user. Make one which is hard to guess and incorporate the tips we taught you on how to create a difficult one.


Most of the hackers are focused on social media platforms, accessing the accounts of other people. They would be happy to find some useful information about you, but they’ll be happier if they gathered personal information like bank accounts and PINs. You should be wise not to share such information with anyone, and personal stuffs are better said on face to face conversation.


Phishing is a method wherein some sites conceal their dirty intentions as legit companies. They maybe in the form of online sites offering jobs, and when you’re ready to cash your earnings out, they’ll ask you to accomplish some offers and eventually ask your credit card details. Don’t bite their bait! If that’s the situation, they might not be really paying you, but rather they will steal from your account and leave you empty handed.


Among all measures, you must not forget to activate your antivirus and firewall. Adblockers will help you throughout the way, and don’t fret if it disallowed you to enter a site! It’ just doing its job, keeping you away from theft and danger. Also, delete your history and log out of devices after use if you share equipment with others.

Always remember to keep your antivirus up to date. Get your gadgets checked by an expert and consult a computer repair if needed. Stay wise and safe, everyone!