The PC Hero LLC
6058 S. Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL 60629
Support Hours: Mon – Sat 10am to 6pm
Phone: 773-599-0056

Why You Should Contact Us?

Many reasons why you should contact The PC Hero such as the following:
First, The PC Hero is independent. Our company is not associated to any organization. We can ensure that you will be receiving impartial consultancy of your computer repair services needs. While this may be the case, The PC Hero conforms to various computing ethics which the company strongly believes must be upheld by all IT providers in Chicago and elsewhere.

Second, The PC Hero upholds confidentiality. Our company ensures that the transaction between you and any client is entirely confidential. Our clients may also choose to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to any service or repair work. We feel for our clients who are not comfortable in disclosing their own IT problems and experiences with other clients especially when it will put them in a bad light.

Third, The PC Hero guarantees quality. Our company stands among the competition because of the quality processes, quality staffs and quality outcomes. We also deliver quality outputs in a consistent manner. There is no computer service provider which will not emphasize quality. Nevertheless, quality outcomes differ from one service provider to another. We pride ourselves in having a 100% satisfied client base.

Fourth, The PC Hero has added value. Our company understands the needs of our clients. For one, our IT experts provide accurate estimates that are only based on the diagnosis and with no hidden charges. Cost-effective solutions are provided as always. Basically, our computer services are client-centric wherein our goal is to provide them with the most effective computer services at reasonable prices.

Fifth, The PC Hero respects on-time service delivery. Our company understands that the client’s time is very valuable. With this, the goal is to provide high quality computer services with the quickest turnaround time possible. We ensure that the right results are achieved the first time. In this way, we can also inform the expectation of the client when it comes to our services.

Sixth, The PC Hero strives for excellence. Our company aims at continuously building knowledge and an expertise base, expanding to web services, for instance. Our homegrown IT experts continue to acquire hands-on experiences that make our computer services even more valuable. Knowledge is power, and this is PC Hero’s mantra. There is no room for stagnation once you work with The PC Hero.

Seventh, The PC Hero understands constancy. Our company ensures that all our experts, tools, equipments and technologies are up-to-date. We know that technology constantly evolves and we have to move along with these technological changes.

Eighth, The PC Hero is innovative. Our company invests on research and development aside from training. We work for our clients and at the same time work with them so that they may be equally aware of the leading technologies that they may integrate onto their own computer system and network.

In sum, The PC Hero is not your typical computer service provider. The PC Hero is actually instrumental in bridging the “technological gap” between IT and our clients. The PC Hero aims to empower our clients so that they may identify easily with IT and its intricacies.