Established in 2011, The PC Hero LLC is a computer repair service company located in Chicago. The PC Hero offers a myriad of residential and commercial IT services. These services include diagnosing, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting diverse computer needs. Aside from hardware and software solutions, The PC Hero also provides computer training.

The PC Hero is a client-centered company, that is, we design our portfolio of services with the clients in mind. Such an ethos guides us to develop and eventually expand these services in the future. Currently, The PC Hero offers home and business computer services. The PC Hero also offers web development services.

Because quality IT services can only be achieved through high quality IT experts, The PC Hero only welcomes highly skilled technicians. However, we do not stop here though. Strong with awesome team members, The PC Hero encourages its experts to specialize further through additional training and IT certifications. We are proud to say that our IT experts are Microsoft-certified. The PC Hero firmly believes that our IT experts can deliver and even exceed your expectations. Likewise, we equally invest on tools and equipments and technologies necessary to address any IT problem.

Furthermore, all our service provisions take place at the convenience of your own home or business location, that is, The PC Hero provides in-house computer repair services. Because it is in-house, our clients get to appreciate the convenience of the repair process. In giving our clients the maximum value of their money’s worth, our IT experts travel to anywhere in Chicago to provide only the most topnotch IT solutions tailored to your needs, either for your personal computer or computer network. IT experts will not leave your place unless they are 101% sure that the machine is working properly.

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. As such, The PC Hero is offering free computer diagnostics. Upon diagnosis, costs of the total computer repair required will be relayed to the owner or user. We strive to be transparent when it comes to the cost. We also offer our clients the liberty to negotiate the price with us. Repair works will not begin unless the client is comfortable with the total price of the repairs. All our high quality work is warranted for up to 14 days.

The seriousness of The PC Hero’s vow for 100% customer satisfaction manifest through our online forum. Clients can voluntarily and freely ask their questions on this venue. Our IT experts will gladly oblige and provide you with simple troubleshooting tips and suggestions that you may follow and adhere to.

In a nutshell, The PC Hero is:

  • A customer-centric IT company
  • A one-stop place for any residential or commercial IT needs
  • Housing only the most highly reliable IT experts
  • Investing heavily on tools and equipments to deliver only the best service
  • Providing 100% customer satisfaction through providing post-sale services
  • Upholding the right of the clients to receive the most affordable services